Be the Catalyst for Change...

Let’s work together to be involved in the upliftment and development of various stakeholders of our society who are deprived of basic needs and opportunities for employment.

Who are we

Greater Upliftment and Inclusive Development Enterprises Private Limited is a government registered company under the Companies Act, 2013. We are a social enterprise that works for enabling employment generation activities especially at the grassroots level. Unemployment has been one of the major challenges of the Indian economy. To solve the problem of unemployment it is important that employment generating activities are run efficiently at the grassroots level. For any employment generating activity to sustain, it is important for that activity to generate positive cash flows.  Basically, it needs to market and sell its products effectively and this is where the pain point is. People at the grassroots level either don’t have the right platform or the knowledge to market themselves or their products. 

Our company aims to solve this problem and be that cure to the pain point every employment generating activity is suffering from. We provide individuals & organizations a platform to sell their talent and hard work and generate income to support themselves and their families. Handholding individuals and organizations to setup processes to manufacture superior quality products and market them in the international markets is what we strive for. This is to ensure that employability is met with income generation. We will be their GUIDE to International Markets & Economic Independence.

What we do

India is a culturally rich country and we understand that this culture creates intrigue beyond borders. This culturally diverse country is made up of millions of talented and hardworking people who go unnoticed but contribute a very large part in bringing this diversity that has fascinated the minds of billions across the globe. The acronym of our company name narrows down as GUIDE and that’s what we see ourselves to be. We aim to guide various stakeholders of our society especially from the rural or tribal areas or who are under privileged to reach international markets. Basically, we want to bring this talent and hard work to the world in a professional way adding value in the lives of both our beneficiaries and the customers.

Our Services


We export products made by individuals and organizations especially at the grassroots level.


We provide consultancy to social entities in need of world class systems to run efficiently.

Setting Up Employment Projects

We help individuals and social organizations to setup self-sustainable employment projects.