About us

Our Mission

To empower individuals & organizations economically, especially from and/or working for the under privileged and/or disadvantaged section of the global community.

Our Vision

To encourage manufacturing of first-rate products made in India especially at the grassroots level to be introduced in the global market.

Our Values


Quality Assurance

We assure that the products that we will deal in, will always be of superior quality available at fair prices.



We are committed to safeguarding the interest of our beneficiaries, suppliers and customers in every capacity possible.



We would serve every stakeholder of our company with absolute commitment and ensure that they are held in the highest regard.

Mr. K.N. Radhakrishnan Nair

With an experience of over 50 years, Mr Nair, founder of The National Association of Disabled’s Enterprises understands more than anyone that no employment project can be successful without a proper marketing or sales channel. His first-hand experience in engaging with the community at large has made sure that the beneficiaries or the suppliers have an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect working on this project, making sure that the quality and delivery terms are maintained as per export standards.

Mr Nair had his first stint with the disabled community at an early age of 18 when he worked with an NGO in Mumbai and realized the pain and the severe injustice met out to this community by the world at large. At such an age when most teenagers are clueless about their future, Mr Nair charted out his destiny to serve the disabled people’s community. With the passing years his vision expanded as he travelled around the country and realised the need for employment of people with disabilities. With this in mind he formed The National Association of Disabled’s Enterprises in 1987, an NGO based in Mumbai with a mission to eradicate unemployment amongst the disabled population of India.

Along the journey he setup co-operative societies for people with disabilities in more than 50 districts in the early 90s, to be run independently by more than 10,000 disabled members creating a source of income and employment along the way. Today under his leadership, the NGO takes care of more than a 1000 people with disabilities in and around Mumbai by either employing them on a livelihood project or supporting their needs of food, children’s education, medical support etc. Mr. Nair takes care of setting up employment projects across India through community integration.

Mr. Mahesh R. Nair

Mr. Mahesh started his journey as a 16-year-old teaching Book Keeping & Accountancy to his peers during his early college days. He always had a knack of training which exemplified excellence. He has worked across many fields from taxation to audit to compliances to management to sales & marketing and today along with Mr. Nair, he is traveling across India to meet farmers, people with disabilities, independent groups of tribal women, various co-operative societies that work at the grassroots level to train them to reach world class levels of excellence in their production and management systems. Mr. Mahesh handles the training & development of our beneficiaries to manufacture goods of export quality and also takes care of the sales & marketing.


With an experience across various diverse fields, he brings in the necessary professionalism required in the export business to encourage the beneficiaries to follow suit and also keep the customers happy and well informed about each and every development about the products they buy.