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With such an ocean of experience in the social as well as the professional field we find it easy to work with people at the grassroots level as it comes naturally to us. We make sure that; the interest of our beneficiaries and the interest of our customers are given top priority. We aim to connect the real India with the International Market, making sure that, the international community realises the true potential of our heroes at the grassroots level meanwhile benefitting from the value added mutually, in each other’s lives.

Our Services

Traveling across India and meeting people who were struggling to make ends meet without any source of employment made us realise that, in places with no scope of employment, there was a need to develop projects that could create employment or self-employment opportunities and where possible leverage the strength of the whole community to develop a project. We offer the following services:


We export products or commodities made by people with disabilities, farmers, poor and needy women and various other marginalized groups of the society both in rural as well as urban areas.

Setting Up Employment Projects

With our hands-on experience in developing numerous employment projects for people with disabilities and poor women in need, we offer our services to build projects that would create employment locally at the grassroots level.


For existing organizations or individuals who are active or are already self-employed we also provide consultancy services to help them develop world class business systems to run their units efficiently.

Basically, with the services offered by us we make sure that no aspect of any employment activity is left out of the scope of efficiency. True to its word, we offer our services as a way to serve the community at large, which is why we never charge a penny of profit in these services, as these services are meant to ‘serve’ the community. These services are purely on cost basis in agreement with the beneficiaries and in association with The National Association of Disabled’s Enterprises (www.nade-india.org).

Our Products

Every product has a story and we want to be excellent story tellers. We know the effort that goes into each and every product. The sweat, the devotion, the commitment, the hope and the satisfaction of being independent drives the emotion of every product that we deal in. We have a diverse portfolio of products that range from Umbrellas to Cloth Bags, from Candles to Canvas Paintings, from Bamboo Products to Footwear. Along our journey we hope to get connected with more stories that we could share with you and try to contribute in your life with products that will add tremendous value.

We are also glad to announce that we are the authorized dealers of Nethra Umbrellas, the only brand of Umbrellas in India Assembled by people with Visual Impairment, Stitched by people with Speech & Hearing Impairment, Quality Tested by Orthopaedically Handicapped persons and Packed by Mentally Challenged persons. Nethra Umbrellas is one of the most popular brands in India loved by every user as the quality exceeds expectations and is one of the best available in its class anywhere not only in India but in the whole of Asia. We are proud to be associated with Nethra Umbrellas as it provides employment for people with disabilities and creates income for them.

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